Sunday, September 24, 2006

Dita Parlo

Dita Parlo was born Grethe Gerda Kornstädt on September 4, 1908 in Stettin, Pomerania, Germany [now Szczecin, Poland]. She began her film career in 1928 with the German made films Geheimnisse des Orients, Heimkehr, and Die Dame mit der Maske. In the thirties Dita made both German and the French films. Perhaps her most famous role was as the female lead in the wonderful (and available) L'Atalante. She was also the female lead in Jean Renoir's must see masterpiece Grand Illusion (also available). In the same decade she made a short excursion to the Hollywood where she appeared in the Honor of the Family and Mr. Broadway.

Dita appeared only in a few movies after WWII, including "Justice est faite" and "La dame de pique", her last film, made in 1965.

Madonna based her book 'Sex' on a fictional character named Dita, inspired by Dita Parlo and her character in L'Atalante. Dita died in France in 1971.

Not sure what this outfit was all about.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Jeanette Loff

Jeanette Loff was born October 9, 1906 in Cronno, Idaho. There is not much bio information about Jeanette, but we know her father was a famous Danish violinist and she began her career playing the organ in the movie palaces of Portland, Oregon.

Her first film appearance was in 1927 in Uncle Tom's Cabin and she continued to make 20 more films until 1934.

From the NYT 1930 review of Party Girl - "Jeanette Loff, a most attractive girl, plays Ellen Powell. Miss Loff entertains with song during some of the passages. Both she and Mr. Fairbanks do quite well". She also has a role in the same year in the film, The Racketeer, which survives in the public domain. Robert Armstrong of King Kong fame plays the lead opposite Carole Lombard. Jeanette Died of ammonia poisoning in 1942 at the young age of 36.

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Colleen Moore

Colleen Moore was born August 19, 1900 in Port Huron, Michigan. She got her start in film thru her uncle's friendship with D.W. Griffith, and in 1917 she found herself in 5 of his films. Colleen, like others on this blog was a WAMPAS Baby Star (1922). However, the movie that defined her and her look and reputation as a flapper was the classic Flaming Youth (1923), in which she played Patricia Fentriss. By 1927 she was the top box-office draw in the US, pulling in the phenomenal sum of $12,500 a week! She successfully made the transition into the "talkie" era of sound films. Her 63rd and final film role was as Hester Payne in The Scarlet Letter (1934). At 83 she married her fourth husband. At the time of her death she was writing a novel, a Hollywood murder mystery centered around a Mae West type. Colleen died in 1988.

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Mary Astor

Born in Illinois in 1906 as Lucile Vasconcellos Langhanke (now there's a name for a marquee - not), most all of us know Mary Astor from her starring role in The Maltese Falcon opposite Bogey. To begin though, she was pushed into beauty contests by her father and thankfully was discovered and signed to a Hollywood studio at 14! In 1924, Mary landed a role as Lady Margery Alvaney opposite the great John Barrymore in the film BEAU BRUMMEL. This launched her career to stardom and a lively affair with Barrymore. Mary was one of those lucky actresses who made the successful transition to "talkies" because of her voice and strong screen presence. In 1941, she won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her role in THE GREAT LIE. Personal problems plagued her through a good portion of her life, but she made over 120 films. Mary Astor died in 1987.

Here is Mary with William Boyd (AKA Hopalong Cassidy).

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